I was a little shocked to read that GRIN is no more. One of the videogame developers I really liked, I tried very hard to do my internship there but that didn’t work out. The idea of maybe working there someday still might have lumbered in the back of my head somewhere I guess. And now they’re no more.

What makes it extra sad, is looking at Bram Eulaers, aka Peris portfolio and seeing the work he made for GRIN’s “unfinished masterpiece”. That has to be some of the best environment work I’ve seen so far.

Land Rover Death Row

Another type of thing I want to post here, is the random interesting website I come across from time to time.

Last semester I ran into this great photograph of a busted up Land Rover, looking into it just now I found a site with many pictures of Land Rovers in Africa. This is the sort of thing that inspires me to model such a car! Vehicles that conquered the world, as they put it so nicely…

Land Rover Death Row

Land Rover Death Row

Picture was taken by Hans Van Houtem.

Broken Promises

I thought I’d post some unfinished work i’ve amassed over the years. Things I started, but never finished, and probably never will. Most of them go back a few years, I think the oldest is from 2005 or 2006.

And the title is inspired by Magnel’s great sketchbook topic title at

I wrote some info on every image’s page, click them to read it. This is not all of them, I’ll post more later.

2D Work

One thing I want to use this blog for, is as a more informal channel to post my other work. Work that i feel does not belong on the front page or is not up to par with the rest qualitywise.

2D work is among that work. I like doing some drawing or painting from time to time, but it’s not my focus, nor do I think I’m particularly good at it. Still, I’d hate to keep it hidden from the rest of the world, so here’s some of it already, i’ll probably post more sometime in the future.

Camouflage Textures

I was talking to 3DRobbo a few days ago, about his Mazda RX7 model that he wants to texture with camouflage. The issue of painting across seams came up and I remembered something from my Internship. The technical artists used a 3DS Max procedural material, a plugin from Blur Studios, that required no UV mapping. He then rendered that material to texture via Max’s Render To Texture interface. A very smart way of handling things, saves you the agony of having to paint across seams consistently. Definitely recommended for any artist that wants to texture camouflage.

For the sake of illustrating things, here’s a test from Rob:


The Blur plugins can be found here: