DM-Shaolin 05

I put a few more hours works into the map. Built some static meshes, set up fake bounce lights all over the place and tweaked overall atmosphere.





The entrance gate at the back is still very WIP, but I finally threw out that useless big placeholder mesh there.

UDK comparision

As of 5 november 2009, Epic Games has released it’s Unreal Engine 3 to the public in the form of UDK, Unreal development kit. I don’t have to go in to all the details, but in my opinion this is a milestone. Ever since I worked with the latest engine version at ExDream this spring, I’ve been waiting for a newer engine version to fiddle with. I took some time now to get some screenshots together that compare Unreal Tournament 3’s levels with the revised ones from UDK. They show one of the greatest improvements, the Lightmass GI baking system.

UT3 is engine version 3809, UDK is engine version 5860. About two years of extra development and probably a few million dollars more spent on development.

UDKcompare001 UDKcompare002 UDKcompare003 UDKcompare004

Just go download it now, it’s free!