The Brütal Rod

I spent the last two months working on this Hot Rod model, as some sort of fan-art for Brütal Legend. I really hope I can bring myself to at least creating some sort of environment for it. 19.652 tri’s, one 2048 set, two 1024 and a 256 set of textures.

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DM-Shaolin 06

Update on my level. I put a lot of work in the surrounding environment. I also made the custom waterfall mesh and material. The custom mesh for the waterfall:

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I found another one of those great blog type websites that posts awesome pictures of abandoned places and other interesting locations: I love how they also have some sets of abandoned vehicles: Image by Hyperfinch Photo from Ruud De Leeuw Fascinating page, that last one. It’s about plane wrecks in Alaska. Makes me want […]

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Cougar Realtime

Been spending a lot of time creating realtime images, this week (as always). I put my Cougar into UDK and set up some materials for it. I think it looks so good that I should just share it up on my blog here. This image was created at 6144 x 3456 pixels with Unreal’s “tiledshot” […]

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Vertex Blending Snow

Due to an ongoing thread at the Polycount boards about the snow and ice of Uncharted 2, I replicated Paul Greveson aka MoP’s vertex blending material in Unreal. This is my result: The tank tracks are another type of blend, this one’s about the snow on the ground. I was asked to post my node […]

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