This page contains some of the art I did for Splash Damage and Warchest’s free-to-play FPS “Dirty Bomb” I did a lot of highpoly work on the second batch of weapons as well as a few lowpolys and textures. The weapons shown are mostly by me, some additional highpoly work and texture edits by Ben Garnell.

I also worked on some vehicles. I only did highpoly, lowpoly and baking for these, texturing was done by other artists. I do not have screenshots of the textured versions yet. The APC is a level objective that is fully rigged by me and supports a variety of functions such as a hatch in the back for storing deliiverables, a launcher to blow up barricades and animated details to convey health state. The car is just a static prop with a set of wheels (normal, deflated and stolen)




All images plus more:

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