Its been years since I did actual game-like programming, but thanks to Rafael at work who told me about Flixel and using Actionscript to get started. I never knew it was this easy, I thought you needed to know flash and all that, but it really is a lot like the 2D C++ “GameEngine” I learnt to program with in university. Only much easier, faster and less limiting. I’m not saying C++ is slow and limited, but for someone who codes for fun, I couldn’t care less if c++ allows more control and all that.

So here’s what i came up with so far:

It’s the start of a spaceship game that should have everything random generated (well except for the names). I based the spaceship generation code on Dave Bollinger’s PixelSpacehips. (site’s dead, hence wayback). Keep refreshing, it’s different every time! It also cycles between 5 types of country naming types, US, Japanese, Russian, German and French (it’s so fun coming up with the names).

Plus, I just found out you can do shaders in Actionscript, so now I can manipulate graphics faster and even easier!

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