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Wings of Glory vs. X-Wing

I play some board games now and then. Myself I only own a large set of Wins of Glory airplanes. This game keeps getting compared to the Star Wars X-Wing miniature game, and yesterday I finally got to play that for the first time. It was interesting to conspire the two games for the first […]

RC Diary 2 – months later

I’ve been trying lots of things with RC, but perhaps not flying so much. Some things that I noticed: The Ladybird doesn’t really have very good build quality, the motors were failing and I replaced them with bigger ones (same brand, just from a bigger quad). Those failed even faster 🙁 FPV flying is really […]

RC Diary; day 1

I decided to try something new, and since it’s actually pretty challenging, write down my findings a bit so it might help someone else one day. I’m trying 2 things; Learning to fly a micro quadcopter; a Walkera QR Ladybird V2 FPV (with a Devo F4 transmitter) Learning to build and fly ‘foamie’ rc planes, […]

Future Xoliulshader support

I keep getting reports about XoliulShader 2 not work properly in max 2013 and Max 2014. This is a known issue. In short, this is the response: Autodesk has completely broken shading in Max 2013 and 2014. I can not and will not fix this. You should go back to Max 2012 if you want […]

Borderlands 2 Nerf Hyperion Spectre

So the Borderlands 2 guns look amazing. I found the Nerf Spectre, which is a bit of a rare gun, to match well with Hyperion’s angular shapes. The yellow and black scheme has turned out fantastic, this is definitely a step up from all the previous guns. I might do a few more Borderlands 2 […]

Nerf Brink Ritchie

I’ve been doing a few more Nerf guns. This Ritchie revolver based on the Maverick is a few months old. I’ve been using this a lot at work! Quite happy with this, tried some new techniques and they worked very well. I’ve perfected them more in the guns that were made after this one.

The Car

A thread on polycount made me dig up my first model ever. Early 2006 I think.   Not all that terrible looking at it now. I had spent a few months converting existing GTA:SA cars to Crashday before I attempted this, I had even already learned to UV when I had to redo textures on […]

MaxScript Render To Texture with Projection

This is a blog post written from utter frustration. I’ve spent way too much time trying to get RTT in max working with projection, and finally found the issue that was stopping everything. The problem is that I kept getting useless bake results: a (red) wireframe, and not a proper bake! I’d checked the help […]

BT2 Build-a-Tank

Wargaming.net is having a competition that’s even more up my alley than 3D modelling! You’re supposed to build a real-life model of your favorite tank. I picked my little BT-2 in fall camo since I always have the most fun with it ingame. I decided to just scratchbuild it from wood and do the interior […]