Borderlands 2 Nerf Hyperion Spectre

So the Borderlands 2 guns look amazing. I found the Nerf Spectre, which is a bit of a rare gun, to match well with Hyperion’s angular shapes. The yellow and black scheme has turned out fantastic, this is definitely a step up from all the previous guns.

I might do a few more Borderlands 2 inspired guns…


Nerf Brink Ritchie

I’ve been doing a few more Nerf guns. This Ritchie revolver based on the Maverick is a few months old. I’ve been using this a lot at work!

Quite happy with this, tried some new techniques and they worked very well. I’ve perfected them more in the guns that were made after this one.

The Weald in autumn

Since I moved to Bromley and got a new motorcycle, I’ve been spending almost every weekend riding in the countryside. On one of my last rides I saw so many great views, I decided to go back and make a little photoserie about it.

More on Flickr.

Concert Photos

Just a ‘lil post to keep things going here.
I tried doing some concert photo’s for the first time, as my friend invited me to a concert of his. I only used my 50mm lens.

I like these 3 most.


I’m still in Mexico at this moment, but here are some pictures with my new Sigma 24mm f/1.8.

Rest is at Flickr.

Urbex ECVB

Went exploring again. Just crazy how one of the best locations in the country is almost next to my door.

The rest is on Flickr, as usual.

Urbex Ghent

Went exploring to test my new camera and lenses. Selected pictures:

The rest is on Flickr.

Egypt trip

I went to Egypt to get away from all the holiday chaos.

Took some photo’s again:

California roadtrip

I went on a two weeks trip to California. Took quite a few pictures and really tried to focus on framing interesting images. Made me realize I should get more into photography and maybe get a decent camera. These were shot with a Lumix FZ27.

I picked the most interesting ones for my blog: