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Manitoba Wip 17

Been a while. I work on this from time to time. I think the mood and colors are finally settling in. Still got greater plans for it than this, but first I really need to tackle the rocks and the rest of the plane debris. After that I can really start wrapping this up as […]

GZ81 Update

Just to post something, sneak preview of my spaceship. Ship is nearing completion, enviro still needs a lot of love. Got totally inspired by Halo Reach for it though.


Finally! My Eat3D DVD has been released. A lot of hard work went into this, not just by myself but also Riki and his team at Eat3D. Thanks for this opportunity, Riki! Go check it out, perhaps buy it and support Riki’s great company, and give us some feedback! I’m gonna put a detailed project […]

Naganata wip

Just to post something on this blog, a WIP of a spaceship. Concept by Dasnewten. No normalmaps, because that’s no fun. And this project is all about being fun and easy to work on. Also there will probably be a big announcment in the coming month, about what I spent a lot of time on […]

California roadtrip

I went on a two weeks trip to California. Took quite a few pictures and really tried to focus on framing interesting images. Made me realize I should get more into photography and maybe get a decent camera. These were shot with a Lumix FZ27. I picked the most interesting ones for my blog:

Crazy GMC Bus

I found another cool vehicle! From a thread over at VWvortex which I actually found through my referers. “Had a 302 GMC 6 cylinder You drive from the top roof like the bridge on the Enterprise The 2 front stacked front bumpers are gone. They were 57 Chrysler. I think the roof was a 49 […]

Manitoba WIP 1

I’m doing an outdoor enviro. Based on one of those pictures i posted a while back. Here’s what I have so far: The environment is almost done. Some tweaks left, set up the materials for the far-away terrain and add the ocean in the distance, and optimize the trees (they’re not so good for performance […]

Jaguar Retro Ad

The students at the school where I work are tasked to create a retro advertisement with the 3D vehicle they are modeling. I took one of my older models, a 1951 Jaguar XK120, and made an example of what is expected. Mostly to show the post processing I did on this image. It was rendered […]

Street Rod lighting

I really should post more. I just really tend to forget I have a blog where Ican dump some stuff that shouldn’t go on the frontpage. Here’s something I made a month or two ago: It’s a lighting study using just 3DS Max scanline and standard lights. Nothing advanced, just the pure basics, so I’d […]