BT2 Build-a-Tank is having a competition that’s even more up my alley than 3D modelling! You’re supposed to build a real-life model of your favorite tank.

I picked my little BT-2 in fall camo since I always have the most fun with it ingame. I decided to just scratchbuild it from wood and do the interior as well, to set myself apart from the competition.

Here are some pictures I took yesterday:

And here’s the entry video, showing the build process:

Fingers crossed I win something nice!

I got first place! Sweet!

BRINK Nerf Stampede

I just finished my next BRINK inspired Nerf gun. This time it’s an assault rifle, created from a Nerf ECS-18 Stampede.

I was inspired by the “Gerund” AR, it had nice contrast between green, yellow and orange. The fish drawing was cool too.

I never tested if it shoots, since it requires an insane amount of batteries. (6 D-type)

It feels like a big improvement in technique, which is exactly why I did a smaller gun first.

It’s got a working Red Dot scope where the carrying handle used to be (I cut that off).

The band-aid was taken from an early concept by LD Austin that didn’t make it ingame in that form.

BRINK Nerf Element

I’ve been wanting to do prop making for quite some time, and when I found out about custom painted Nerf guns, It seemed like a perfect way to get started.

I was trying to think of a good theme, when it dawned to me that I work at a company who’s got some amazing, very unique looking guns in their latest game, so it made sense to try and make a BRINK Resistance inspired pistol!

It still shoots, I removed the air restrictor so it’s more powerful than stock.

I filled the space for extra darts with a functioning LED flashlight and Laser module. There are separate switches for each on the back of the housing.

You can see some nice highres shots of many weapons from the game here:

Polycount – 3Point Studios Brink Art