California roadtrip

I went on a two weeks trip to California. Took quite a few pictures and really tried to focus on framing interesting images. Made me realize I should get more into photography and maybe get a decent camera. These were shot with a Lumix FZ27. I picked the most interesting ones for my blog:

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Crazy GMC Bus

I found another cool vehicle! From a thread over at VWvortex which I actually found through my referers. “Had a 302 GMC 6 cylinder You drive from the top roof like the bridge on the Enterprise The 2 front stacked front bumpers are gone. They were 57 Chrysler. I think the roof was a 49 […]

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Soviet WIG Plane

A vehicle does not get more awesome than this. Period. It’s all russian on the site, but in short this is a sort of jet-boat that uses the “Wing In Ground” effect, meaning a wing has much more lift when it operates close above the ground or sea. That and it has missiles and turrets […]

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I found another one of those great blog type websites that posts awesome pictures of abandoned places and other interesting locations: I love how they also have some sets of abandoned vehicles: Image by Hyperfinch Photo from Ruud De Leeuw Fascinating page, that last one. It’s about plane wrecks in Alaska. Makes me want […]

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Environment inspiration websites

So, since I got this handy online bookmark plugin for Firefox, I can start making more use of bookmarks. Usually I’d just lose all of them after a format. Just now I found out about or remembered a few great inspiring websites: (they do seem to reference each other a lot) […]

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Land Rover Death Row

Another type of thing I want to post here, is the random interesting website I come across from time to time. Last semester I ran into this great photograph of a busted up Land Rover, looking into it just now I found a site with many pictures of Land Rovers in Africa. This is the […]

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