BT2 Build-a-Tank is having a competition that’s even more up my alley than 3D modelling! You’re supposed to build a real-life model of your favorite tank. I picked my little BT-2 in fall camo since I always have the most fun with it ingame. I decided to just scratchbuild it from wood and do the interior […]

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BRINK Nerf Stampede

I just finished my next BRINK inspired Nerf gun. This time it’s an assault rifle, created from a Nerf ECS-18 Stampede. I was inspired by the “Gerund” AR, it had nice contrast between green, yellow and orange. The fish drawing was cool too. I never tested if it shoots, since it requires an insane amount […]

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BRINK Nerf Element

I’ve been wanting to do prop making for quite some time, and when I found out about custom painted Nerf guns, It seemed like a perfect way to get started. I was trying to think of a good theme, when it dawned to me that I work at a company who’s got some amazing, very […]

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