The Car

A thread on polycount made me dig up my first model ever. Early 2006 I think.


Not all that terrible looking at it now. I had spent a few months converting existing GTA:SA cars to Crashday before I attempted this, I had even already learned to UV when I had to redo textures on some cars (I remember manually painting Ambient occlusion once LOL).

BT2 Build-a-Tank is having a competition that’s even more up my alley than 3D modelling! You’re supposed to build a real-life model of your favorite tank.

I picked my little BT-2 in fall camo since I always have the most fun with it ingame. I decided to just scratchbuild it from wood and do the interior as well, to set myself apart from the competition.

Here are some pictures I took yesterday:

And here’s the entry video, showing the build process:

Fingers crossed I win something nice!

I got first place! Sweet!

Heli Hangar Lighting

A year ago I posted that little garage scene, this year that school assignment is back, so I lit my coworker’s scene.

Model and camera setup by Pieter Van Dranen. It’s not as polished as the garage, but it only took an hour to set up. This is a lot more relaxing to work on than modeling I think.

Audi 80 B4 lowpoly

1995 Audi 80 B4 1.9 JTD

My own car, about 4000 tri’s, one 1024 texture diffuse only. All “handpainted”, no lights used in scene, just pure diffuse.

Just a fun little exercise to go back what I used to do 4-5 years ago.

Manitoba Wip 17

Been a while. I work on this from time to time. I think the mood and colors are finally settling in. Still got greater plans for it than this, but first I really need to tackle the rocks and the rest of the plane debris. After that I can really start wrapping this up as a finished whole, which should be fun.

It’s interesting to note that the biggest difference here is made by being able to tweak the Dynamic tonemapper, the rigid system from the previous months was very hard to work with for me. Also the exponential heightfog is just great for getting moody colors in there.

GZ81 Update

Just to post something, sneak preview of my spaceship.

Ship is nearing completion, enviro still needs a lot of love. Got totally inspired by Halo Reach for it though.

Jaguar Retro Ad

The students at the school where I work are tasked to create a retro advertisement with the 3D vehicle they are modeling. I took one of my older models, a 1951 Jaguar XK120, and made an example of what is expected. Mostly to show the post processing I did on this image.

It was rendered in Mental Ray, took about 18 minutes at 720p.

(I know it says XK150, but I just copied the text from another Jag ad)

here’s the original render, to compare:

Street Rod lighting

I really should post more. I just really tend to forget I have a blog where Ican dump some stuff that shouldn’t go on the frontpage.

Here’s something I made a month or two ago:

It’s a lighting study using just 3DS Max scanline and standard lights. Nothing advanced, just the pure basics, so I’d push myself to actually understand the lighting. It’s not perfect yet, and I was putting materials on this until I sort of abandoned it

Aqua Knight WIP

I started working on a character for a change. It’s not organic but definitely something different from the usual four-wheeled subject.


It’s the water armor from Yukito Kishiro’s Aqua Knight. I rarely read manga but this one was just too original to miss.

Polycount WIP topic

The Brütal Rod

I spent the last two months working on this Hot Rod model, as some sort of fan-art for Brütal Legend. I really hope I can bring myself to at least creating some sort of environment for it.


19.652 tri’s, one 2048 set, two 1024 and a 256 set of textures.