Manitoba Wip 17

Been a while. I work on this from time to time. I think the mood and colors are finally settling in. Still got greater plans for it than this, but first I really need to tackle the rocks and the rest of the plane debris. After that I can really start wrapping this up as […]

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GZ81 Update

Just to post something, sneak preview of my spaceship. Ship is nearing completion, enviro still needs a lot of love. Got totally inspired by Halo Reach for it though.

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Manitoba WIP 1

I’m doing an outdoor enviro. Based on one of those pictures i posted a while back. Here’s what I have so far: The environment is almost done. Some tweaks left, set up the materials for the far-away terrain and add the ocean in the distance, and optimize the trees (they’re not so good for performance […]

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DM-Shaolin 06

Update on my level. I put a lot of work in the surrounding environment. I also made the custom waterfall mesh and material. The custom mesh for the waterfall:

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Cougar Realtime

Been spending a lot of time creating realtime images, this week (as always). I put my Cougar into UDK and set up some materials for it. I think it looks so good that I should just share it up on my blog here. This image was created at 6144 x 3456 pixels with Unreal’s “tiledshot” […]

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Vertex Blending Snow

Due to an ongoing thread at the Polycount boards about the snow and ice of Uncharted 2, I replicated Paul Greveson aka MoP’s vertex blending material in Unreal. This is my result: The tank tracks are another type of blend, this one’s about the snow on the ground. I was asked to post my node […]

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DM-Shaolin 05

I put a few more hours works into the map. Built some static meshes, set up fake bounce lights all over the place and tweaked overall atmosphere. The entrance gate at the back is still very WIP, but I finally threw out that useless big placeholder mesh there.

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UDK comparision

As of 5 november 2009, Epic Games has released it’s Unreal Engine 3 to the public in the form of UDK, Unreal development kit. I don’t have to go in to all the details, but in my opinion this is a milestone. Ever since I worked with the latest engine version at ExDream this spring, […]

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UT3 DM-Shaolin 04

Next weekly update on my map: A lot more decoration was added. I did some work on the surrounding environment so there are cliffs and mountains around. Still need to place more in distance so the level doesn’t seem to end abruptly in the distance. the ASC trees look really good, too bad there’s only […]

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UT3 DM-Shaolin 03

Update on my map: BSP should be pretty much completely final. All brushes have materials assigned now. I placed some important and less important static meshes around to get more of a sense what things will look like. This showed me that in some places the BSP needed a bit of editing to better accomodate […]

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