UT3 DM-Shaolin 04

Next weekly update on my map:

A lot more decoration was added. I did some work on the surrounding environment so there are cliffs and mountains around. Still need to place more in distance so the level doesn’t seem to end abruptly in the distance.


the ASC trees look really good, too bad there’s only one of each kind so repetition is rather noticeable after you used it a few times.


I added a non-functional door under the bridges, to break up the empty space and so the building bases look like they have some sort of function (locked cellars or whatever).



Still far to go, I need to build two floors on top of the main building, and the front gate is still just a placeholder. Those are next on the list.

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  1. bert
    bert says:

    I love the graphics of the mountain and the buildings.
    Especially the last 2 photo’s.

    Is this a game that we can download and play or a personal private game?

  2. Laurens
    Laurens says:

    Hey Bert, thanks for the kind words. It’s a map for Unreal Tournament 3, a game you can buy on Steam. I’ll probably put it up for download when it’s finished.

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