UT3 DM-Shaolin 04

Next weekly update on my map: A lot more decoration was added. I did some work on the surrounding environment so there are cliffs and mountains around. Still need to place more in distance so the level doesn’t seem to end abruptly in the distance. the ASC trees look really good, too bad there’s only […]

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UT3 DM-Shaolin 03

Update on my map: BSP should be pretty much completely final. All brushes have materials assigned now. I placed some important and less important static meshes around to get more of a sense what things will look like. This showed me that in some places the BSP needed a bit of editing to better accomodate […]

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UT3 DM-Shaolin 02

I’ve worked a bit more on my UT3 map. More BSP blockout, I think the BSP should be all done, except for removing some of it when I replace it with static meshes. While doing this I also changed some sizes a bit. I also carved out an interior and an elevator shaft in the […]

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