Chibi Levin

I made a Chibi Toyota Corolla AE86 Levin GT-Apex! To be honest, I think this is my best car so far…

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Its been years since I did actual game-like programming, but thanks to Rafael at work who told me about Flixel and using Actionscript to get started. I never knew it was this easy, I thought you needed to know flash and all that, but it really is a lot like the 2D C++ “GameEngine” I […]

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Finally! My Eat3D DVD has been released. A lot of hard work went into this, not just by myself but also Riki and his team at Eat3D. Thanks for this opportunity, Riki! Go check it out, perhaps buy it and support Riki’s great company, and give us some feedback! I’m gonna put a detailed project […]

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I was a little shocked to read that GRIN is no more. One of the videogame developers I really liked, I tried very hard to do my internship there but that didn’t work out. The idea of maybe working there someday still might have lumbered in the back of my head somewhere I guess. And […]

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