UT3 DM-Shaolin 01

This is the first post in a series of many where I’ll be posting updates on my progress creating a small Unreal Tournament 3 level using UT3’s Asian assets. I picked “Shaolin” as an extremely cheesy name and decided upon a castle/temple on a cliff at the edge of a waterfall. I got my idea […]

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Environment inspiration websites

So, since I got this handy online bookmark plugin for Firefox, I can start making more use of bookmarks. Usually I’d just lose all of them after a format. Just now I found out about or remembered a few great inspiring websites: http://atlasobscura.com/ http://www.oddee.com/ http://2leep.com/ http://englishrussia.com/ (they do seem to reference each other a lot) […]

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Normal baking and 3DS Max Tangent basis

During my Skorpion SMG project, I did a lot of normalmap baking. The baking itself really is the most tedious process for me, reaally slows me down a lot, even compared to UV’ing which a lot of people find horrible (I think it’s quite easy if you have TexTools and Unwrap Tools). Every cage needs […]

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