Its been years since I did actual game-like programming, but thanks to Rafael at work who told me about Flixel and using Actionscript to get started. I never knew it was this easy, I thought you needed to know flash and all that, but it really is a lot like the 2D C++ “GameEngine” I learnt to program with in university. Only much easier, faster and less limiting. I’m not saying C++ is slow and limited, but for someone who codes for fun, I couldn’t care less if c++ allows more control and all that.

So here’s what i came up with so far:

It’s the start of a spaceship game that should have everything random generated (well except for the names). I based the spaceship generation code on Dave Bollinger’s PixelSpacehips. (site’s dead, hence wayback). Keep refreshing, it’s different every time! It also cycles between 5 types of country naming types, US, Japanese, Russian, German and French (it’s so fun coming up with the names).

Plus, I just found out you can do shaders in Actionscript, so now I can manipulate graphics faster and even easier!

BRINK Nerf Stampede

I just finished my next BRINK inspired Nerf gun. This time it’s an assault rifle, created from a Nerf ECS-18 Stampede.

I was inspired by the “Gerund” AR, it had nice contrast between green, yellow and orange. The fish drawing was cool too.

I never tested if it shoots, since it requires an insane amount of batteries. (6 D-type)

It feels like a big improvement in technique, which is exactly why I did a smaller gun first.

It’s got a working Red Dot scope where the carrying handle used to be (I cut that off).

The band-aid was taken from an early concept by LD Austin that didn’t make it ingame in that form.

The Weald in autumn

Since I moved to Bromley and got a new motorcycle, I’ve been spending almost every weekend riding in the countryside. On one of my last rides I saw so many great views, I decided to go back and make a little photoserie about it.

More on Flickr.

BRINK Nerf Element

I’ve been wanting to do prop making for quite some time, and when I found out about custom painted Nerf guns, It seemed like a perfect way to get started.

I was trying to think of a good theme, when it dawned to me that I work at a company who’s got some amazing, very unique looking guns in their latest game, so it made sense to try and make a BRINK Resistance inspired pistol!

It still shoots, I removed the air restrictor so it’s more powerful than stock.

I filled the space for extra darts with a functioning LED flashlight and Laser module. There are separate switches for each on the back of the housing.

You can see some nice highres shots of many weapons from the game here:

Polycount – 3Point Studios Brink Art

Concert Photos

Just a ‘lil post to keep things going here.
I tried doing some concert photo’s for the first time, as my friend invited me to a concert of his. I only used my 50mm lens.

I like these 3 most.


I’m still in Mexico at this moment, but here are some pictures with my new Sigma 24mm f/1.8.

Rest is at Flickr.

Heli Hangar Lighting

A year ago I posted that little garage scene, this year that school assignment is back, so I lit my coworker’s scene.

Model and camera setup by Pieter Van Dranen. It’s not as polished as the garage, but it only took an hour to set up. This is a lot more relaxing to work on than modeling I think.

Urbex ECVB

Went exploring again. Just crazy how one of the best locations in the country is almost next to my door.

The rest is on Flickr, as usual.

Urbex Ghent

Went exploring to test my new camera and lenses. Selected pictures:

The rest is on Flickr.

Audi 80 B4 lowpoly

1995 Audi 80 B4 1.9 JTD

My own car, about 4000 tri’s, one 1024 texture diffuse only. All “handpainted”, no lights used in scene, just pure diffuse.

Just a fun little exercise to go back what I used to do 4-5 years ago.